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Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard


In today’s world it seems that security is at the top of the list for most people. We are constantly searching for ways to keep our loved ones and our possessions safer and better protected. We see this in everything from home security systems to car alarms and personal information protection. It only makes sense that securing our firearms would be a top priority as well. 

In the past securing a firearm meant cumbersome gun locks or hiding them away behind the vault door of a gun safe. This is a problem if the firearm in question is needed for protection. Afterall, a gun that you can’t retrieve quickly and easily is useless, especially a handgun. Hornady understands this and has developed a line of products aimed at keeping your firearms secure while also allowing unfettered access to select people. 

The RAPiD line of safes from Hornady are well thought out and heavily constructed firearm containment devices that allow virtually instant access to your securely locked away weapon. The RAPiD Safe Night Guard in particular is designed to lock away a handgun from unwanted access while allowing quick access to authorized users via Hornady’s patented RFID technology. 


At first blush the RAPiD Safe Night Guard looks like an alarm clock sitting on your nightstand but it is a lot more than that. Simply touch the face of the RAPiD Safe Night Guard with one of the four RFID tags that come with it and the face opens, revealing a 2.2” x 9.2” x 6.9” drawer that fits most full size handguns, extra magazines along with room for other valuables, too. The RFID system allows incredibly fast access to your pistol when necessary and with the ability to run off a 12V plug in or four AAA batteries you’ve got options if you need to take it with you for portable security. 

The tempered glass front panel contains the RFID reader, clock display and an access code keypad. The drawer on the RAPiD Safe Night Guard is spring assisted and opens automatically when unlocked so there’s no fumbling for your pistol in the heat of the moment. With a pair of USB ports RAPiD Safe Night Guard also offers convenient charging for electronic devices. There are three entry methods; the RFID readers (four are included), user programmed access code and mechanical key so you’ll never be locked out of the RAPiD Safe Night Guard.  

Keeping your EDC handgun and other essentials protected and secure has never been easier than with the RAPiD Safe Night Guard from Hornady. Having the ability to use this safe both at home and away is a game changer and makes the RAPiD Safe Night Guard a smart choice for your security needs

MSRP: $323.99


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