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Public Comment On MT Grizzly Plan

The anti-hunters are more organized and vocal than we are! 

It’s time to voice your opinion on Montana’s Grizzly Bear Management Plan and a limited quota grizzly bear hunt.  

Leave your comments HERE.

Groups like the Greater Yellowstone Coalition have put together pages with this same link but with the purpose of adding and amending the language of the draft plan that would increase the bear’s range, move recovery goal posts and make a profitable and controlled hunt for this recovered and thriving species all but impossible. 

Hunter’s are THE driving force behind the success of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and it is up to us to continue to fight for what is best for people and bears. Comment HERE & NOW. . . Let the State of Montana know that it’s time to delist the grizzly bear and begin a limited quota hunt!

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  1. Randolph Holford

    Yes, they are much more vocal than we. Sadly one thing that helps them be so is the fact that their legal fees, since their advocacy groups are considered to be NGO’s, are paid for by the taxpayer. This is not true is sportsmen’s associations like RMEF. Most of their ability to wage war in the courts, the most extreme form of vocalization, stems from this.

  2. As much as I love and respect animals… A good management plan is always a good idea. It will help the bears and all connected species.

  3. Lawrence F. Wilson

    It makes no sense to continue promoting unregulated growth of any species. Alowing some form of regulated hunting will generate much needed capitol to continue their conservation.

  4. Rick Hawreschuk

    Management of the species is critical to their health and survival. Uncontrolled growth leads to the inability to maintain a healthy population of animals. We are seeing this in other jurisdictions and species around the world, where hunted populations are thriving and benefit from the capitol injected into conservation efforts as a direct result. Perhaps someone can enlighten me, but how much do environmental groups contribute towards managing and compensation as the result of negative impacts of species like the grizzly? ie: livestock predation, vehicle damage, crop and property damage.

  5. If we don’t manage the grizzly bear population, with a well maintained lottery tag system or something the like all of the deer, elk, moose, black bear, wolves, and yes even grizzly bear and grizzly bear cubs will soon greatly dwindle in numbers! If mature male grizzly’s aren’t managed correctly they will take over most of Yellowstone wildlife and not for the better!

  6. The cruelest thing we can do to wildlife is fail to manage it.

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