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You NEED the MRS, here’s how to get it!

The Member’s Research Section, in the back of every subscriber issue of Eastmans’ Hunting Journals or available digitally, breaks down 11 western states by explaining their draw processes, big game units, trends, tag allocations, draw odds, and unit quality. Each state is unpacked by experts who dedicate over 2000 man hours of research each year to bring you the latest and best intel. We speak with state game agencies, biologists, outfitters and, of course, the everyday hunter so that we are sure you are getting the best possible information out there.

For example, say a historical powerhouse of a mule deer unit in Arizona is currently experiencing a bit of a downturn. Would you want to burn years worth of preference points on a hunt that isn’t what it was in years past? Without our up to date trend evaluation found in your copy of the Arizona MRS you might do just that and it would be a shame.

Or… say you’ve never hunted “out west” and decide it’s time to get off the bench and into the game. The only problem is decoding the vast amount of information from each state is like drinking from a fire hose! The Eastmans’ MRS will not only help you understand the application and draw processes of each state it will help you pick a starting point. Making a DIY adventure of your very own not only possible but realistic. We receive correspondence on a weekly basis from folks who have used our MRS to get them started in western big game hunting and experienced success that they had only dreamt of.

The options for unlocking access to the MRS have never been greater and using this tool has never been easier. The first way to get the MRS is to subscribe to both the Hunting and Bowhunting Journals, with this you are guaranteed to get 12 issues per year of the original and best western big game hunting magazines and a thorough breakdown of all the 11 key western big game states.

But, to get access to ALL the information we collect we also bring you the digital version of the MRS with its expanded content and take anywhere electronic format with your digital subscription to Eastmans’ Hunting Journals. The user friendly interface of the digital version allows you to zoom in and make the charts and text bigger or compare information on split screens. There are literally endless possibilities to using the digital MRS making it the most powerful version we’ve ever offered.

The Eastmans’ Member’s Research Section is your first step to turning your western big game dreams into reality. Subscribe today to start your journey!  

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  1. Bobby Whitlock

    I subscribed to MRS when I went hunting last year but no longer need the service. I don’t see a way to cancel my subscription. Please help

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