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The Mystery Ranch Pop Up 18 and 28

MYSTERY RANCH has long been a name associated with top tier packs that can haul weight and take a beating. Their Overload Carriage system makes hauling meat, bone, or other awkward loads out of the backcountry a major strong point. With the load hauling day hunter’s needs in mind the Pop-Up 18 and 28 were born for the hunter who plans to day hunt from the trailhead but still carry a heavy load out on the first trip in relative comfort.

The durability of MYSTERY RANCH packs are well known and both Pop Up pack models fit into that mold with 500D Cordura fabric as well as functional shoulder lift that many of the day packs of yesteryear never had.

MYSTERY RANCH’s motto is to make load hauling “Suck Less.” And daypacks with plenty of pocket space, the ability to haul heavy loads, and carry plenty of weight with a proven belt system and functional shoulder lift will definitely make load hauling suck, less! If you are in the market for a new day pack give the Pop Up series from MYSTERY RANCH a look.

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