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Want to Talk Gear With Guy?


I am a certifiable hunting gear addict! My wife attempted to institute a “one pack per year” rule to curb the madness. It didn’t work and I ended up using four different high-end packs over the last 18 months. I have now used puffy jackets from just about every top brand in hunting clothing and I will be trying soft-shell jackets next. Lightweight shelters call to me like sirens calling sailors. I have spent time in five different floorless tents and one modular shelter with eight different pitch options in the last year. Yes, I pitched it in every shape and spent time in each of them. The only piece of gear that I don’t want to change out every few months is my boots but if changing them didn’t involve blisters, that wouldn’t be a problem either!

If you are reading this blog it means you are probably suffering from the same sickness I have. If you are planning your first hunt, don’t worry, you will soon understand what the rest of us are suffering through. To help you cope, Guy Eastman will be signing onto our Forum and answering any and all questions about “Gear for the Hunt” on February 27, at 4:00 p.m. MST. Let’s be honest, this won’t be something that will help you spend less, it will probably drain your hunting budget.


If you want to participate, register ahead of time and introduce yourself.  The forum is a great place to meet like-minded hunters, share stories and talk about gear for the upcoming season. Better yet, meet Guy and learn a few things along the way!

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  1. I think you have the same weakness as I do, at least my wife thinks I am sick getting all this gear. But it is fun trying the new lightweight stuff.

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