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Utah Poacher Nabbed For Illegal Wyoming Tags

“But, but, I “feel” like a Wyoming resident.” Feelings are apparently not good enough for the Wyoming Game and Fish residency requirements. Shocker! 

Of course I’m being more than a little saucy here but the fact remains that poachers will do and say just about anything to avoid the long arm of the law. Thankfully Craig Hyde of Morgan Utah and his “feelings” will pay the price for illegally obtaining over two dozen resident Wyoming deer and elk tags thanks to the stalwart efforts of Wyoming Game and Fish investigators and wardens. 

Hyde is staring down over 20 years in prison and almost a quarter of a million dollars in fines for his “feelings”. Wonder how he feels now? 

Seriously though, I truly do not understand what makes people think that they can steal from the residents of any state by poaching their wildlife and punching a black eye onto the face of honest sportsmen and women. I personally waited the required year to become a Wyoming resident and it was well worth it. 

How long do you think it should take before residency status is granted, for any state? 

Source: https://cowboystatedaily.com/2021/09/30/utah-man-faces-up-to-21-years-in-jail-210000-in-fines-for-falsely-obtaining-wyo-hunting-licenses/

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  1. His name was right as Craig L. Hyde.

  2. I “FEEL” like Craig Hyde is a Poacher and a Criminal. Hope he get’s the maximum fine & jail time. But with the Judges we have nowadays, he’ll probably get a slap on the wrist fine and a Get-out-of jail Free card.

  3. He will get no jail time and a moderate fine. Millions of illegal aliens enter our country annually. Our government does nothing. I am getting tired of selective law enforcement.

  4. I feel like they ought to allow the game wardens to do what they used to do to Poachers back in the Day!

  5. Fines and punishment need to be more severe in all states rather than just a quick slap on the hand. Without a better punishment to make a poacher think twice before doing these crimes.

  6. A poacher is one who takes game without any license and many times out of season, this guy wasn’t a poacher, he did break the law and should be punished, but the states need to look at their non resident fees, most are ridiculously expensive and encourage people to do this.

  7. Residency status should be granted as soon as a person becomes a full time resident of that state and gives up residency in any previous states

  8. Just like anything in life, before you do anything you better know the Laws, the Rules and Regulations. “Guessing” and “feelings” will lead you down the path to Hell or in this case a cozy jail cell. !

    If your “feelings” are that out of tune like they clearly were for this clown, you should simply start with a basic phone call or use a legit Online Govt site to get the facts, its so simple to stay out to trouble if you take just 15 minutes.

    When in doubt…it’s simple… don’t do it, and you can never be wrong, simple stuff that applies to everything we do every day of life !

    Some people never learn, we realize mistakes happen as well, however, realize you are responsible for your mistakes, and trying to put blame on others is a losers game. This Cat lost trying to game the system. Life will always have losers when they choose ignorance and feelings to guide them thru life, this guy should never trust his gut feelings if that is his defense, his guts are rotten!

  9. So Craig Hyde got off with a slap on the wrist. On December 22, 2021 he took a plea and pleaded guilty. He has to pay a $25,000 fine do by November 2022 and is on probation. His hunting privileges are also suspended for the next six years. How do I know this, because unfortunately I am his daughter. My dad has always gotten away with everything. I have never known my dad to be a Wyoming resident and we lived in Morgan, Utah. I am very disappointed with the plea that was offered to him and think he should have had a harsher punishment.

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