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Unraveling The Nevada Draw System

Every state has a unique draw system for unique reasons. Nevada has built their system around the idea that you should have a chance, albeit slim in many cases, year in and year out while awarding applicants for their loyalty every year with bonus points. Want to play the game in Nevada? Here is what you need to know to have the best hunt possible!

Every year you apply in Nevada and aren’t successful, turns into a bonus point or you can simply buy a point outright every year. When the draw happens your number of points will be squared plus one for the application year. So, if you have 10 points that means your name will have 101 entries into the draw. Every point is assigned a random number that is associated with your application. The computer will then take the lowest number you were assigned and look at that application. It will then pull your first choice to see if there are tags left from the lower random number assignments before you. If you are unsuccessful with your first choice the system will see if there are any second choice tags available and so on.

What is the best strategy? That depends on your goals. If you simply want to hunt regularly then start looking at opportunity hunts to place in your second through fifth choices. Shoot for the moon on your first choice! Because of Nevada’s random element you never know what place in line you will have. However, the odds are such that if you shoot for the moon across the board with a low number of points you will be waiting a very long time to hunt.

Who should shoot for the moon across the board? If you are sitting on 10 plus points in Nevada’s system that means you are one of two types of people. Either you don’t have enough luck to win ten cents in the lottery or you are the patient kind looking for that once in a lifetime type of hunt. With point totals like this it just makes sense to pick the top five units based on trophy potential and fill out your application accordingly.

If you are looking for some details on what units have the kind of trophy potential that is worth burning 10 plus bonus points on then make sure you have subscribed to the Journals or the digital edition of the MRS Annual. The Nevada deadline is only a few days away!

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  1. I took over an hour online yesterday to apply using NV’s new online vendor. It is very slow to respond. If you wait until the 16th, I’ll bet the new system will overload to the point you will not be able to apply at all. I suggest going online between midnight and 5AM to apply. Good Luck! .

  2. Wtf…. LoL that was not anraveling, or helpful at all..

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