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THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE! – Poacher Nabbed By Tip

Photo Courtesy of ODFW


Three Oregonians get this week’s moron award for poaching AND I’d like to give a round of applause for the anonymous informant who called in the tip to ODFW to kickstart their investigation into the poaching. Here’s how it went down…

Lionardo Munoz, Matt Wilkinson and Rachel Hallett killed the bull in question in Oregon’s Santiam Unit, the bull was a mature branch antlered elk and Munoz only possessed a spike elk tag. They brought the animal out whole, loaded on a trailer, not even field dressed. This is where it gets good…

The animal subsequently made an appearance on social media where the tipster spotted it, thought it suspicious and informed ODFW. Senior Trooper Brent Ochesky concurred with the tip and an investigation began. 

Ultimately Munoz, Wilkinson and Hallett were arrested and pleaded guilty. Munoz was fined $15,000, received a suspended hunting license for three years and will serve 18 months of bench probation. Wilkinson and Hallet were also assessed similar punishments but will each have to perform 40 hours of community service. 

Again, kudos to the informant that tipped off ODFW, thank you! 

My only question regarding this case is why no jail time and why do we still think suspended hunting licenses serve as a deterrent to poachers? 





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  1. Gerald Brunckhorst

    Todd Helms. Thank you for the report on poachers in Oregon. I’m seeing this same scenario time and again. As a 55 year lifetime resident of Montana (44 years of hunting), I find the fines straight up and on point, yet the jail time doesn’t match. Neither does the loss of hunting rights. I can’t believe the man in Idaho who was caught reselling bear parts overseas. That sort of crime is an international scandal of immense proportions, yet all his jail time was waved and replaced with community service, probation and house arrest in his “sisters home!”
    I believe we as sportsmen and women, who value our hunting heritage and big game, need to begin the process of tougher sentences with direct communication to senators and congressmen/women. The more they hear about our perspective on illegal killing of big hame the greater the chance something can change. Just as in murder, if the perp. says any small indicator of premeditating the illegal hunt, a judge needs to hammer the fines, sentences and loss of hunting home.
    This sort of activity won’t stop until “real fear” of getting caught becomes a barrier. The fear of actual prison time is much greater than any money, community service or loss of hunting rights.

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