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Spypoint Cell Link Review

Eastmans’ Staffer, Brandon Mason, reviews the Cell Link by Spypoint. The Cell Link can be set up to turn most non-transmitting trail cameras into smart cameras. Combined with Spypoint’s free app, the Cell Link will send photos straight to your smartphone! And it’s ONLY $59.99!!!

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  1. Anyone who needs one of these is a complete Putz….

  2. Robert J Peterson

    what about locking it down, I know most of us are honest but you do have a few bad apples out there.

  3. SPYPOINT Cell Link was a big pain in my butt! Never worked properly on the phone with Support called 5-6 times, also on the Chat Support 4 times. Finally asked for my subscription to be cancelled due to never getting but a few pics in 6 months. Always had 50% or more signal. Camera was located 230 miles away in my woods and Support wanted me to have camera in hand for proper diagnosis. When in my hand they couldn’t fix the problem. Waste of money/time for sure! I asked the rep if I could get a refund as I purchased it from Spypoint when the Chat suddenly ended.
    Maybe I’ll try another wireless cell cam sometime.

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