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Snowmachine at Home

It’s been snowing for three days and we now have over 12-inches of the new white stuff. Last weekend the whole gang came up and we all headed for the high country on our sleds. It was “the old guy” and 11 young aggressive snowmobile riders from down in the valley. Ike, Guy and his friends, I think, try and see who can get stuck the worst. At one point the guys had to take skis off to get one sled unstuck from the downed timber. Sounds like fun to me!

Me, the old guy, would just wait for the young guys to pull each other out. I would play around in basins full of new fallen snow, while up in the timber these guys were busy getting unstuck. It was a great sledding day with full sun, good snow and great company. The beauty of living up here is I can get on my snow machine right in front of my house and be in sledding country in no time. No trailing sleds over slick snowy roads to a parking lot. Just step out the door and off we go.

This time of year nearly every Sunday, Bertie and I travel from our house on back trails 44 miles round tip on our snow machines to attend church between Cooke City and Silver Gate, Montana. We often see wolves, moose and elk on the way. It’s a nice Sunday morning ride. After church on the way home, we often join several couples for a side trip to play in the snow high up on the mountain peaks.

The whole gang 12 of use leaving my house for the Beartooths
Were at 11,000 ft I’m watch the young guys marking
My wife Bertie and I on top coming back from Church Sunday
Me coming up the ridge heading home from Church in Cook City

The snow pack isn’t as heavy as last year, but still very good. The game look like they are doing OK!  However, the elk are always nervous and feed in tight groups so they can constantly watch the surrounding country for wolves.


This bull is winter next to the house he was here last winter

They never stay in one location more then a day trying to stay one step in front of them. Mike Eastman

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  1. Joel Zadvorney

    It looks like you are enjoying your “retirement”. Wonderful pics and such a clear day.

  2. Brian Erickson

    Mike, so refreshing to see how your entire family is spending time in the outdoors. I’ve motorcycled the beartooths and can only imagine how spectacular they are on snowmachine.

    Brian Erickson

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