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Wolves up at the House


I have just come back up to the mountain after spending several days signing the last of my 2500 Limited Edition trophy antelope books. I signed the whole printing over the last two months and at this writing there will be only about 450 left for sell. Because they are all 4-color, numbered and signed, this First Edition will be gone in less then a month. So if you’re interested in getting a copy, I strongly recommend calling the office or go online to eastmans.com and order soon. The second printing will not be all 4-color.

Hunting Trophy Antelope A Guide to D-I-Y

While driving back up on the mountain in northern Wyoming, I run into a pack of six wolves.  I believe they were playing out on a frozen pond in a courtship ritual. I stopped and took a few photos. It’s a long way off, maybe 450 yards, but you can see two of them interacting. The scuttlebutt is a lone Idaho wolf wondered into our country and took up with one of the single Wyoming females. The “wolf spotters” are giddy about another possible pack in the making. Nearly every night at least one wolf will wonder thru my country looking for game to take down.

At first there were 6 wolves but when I took the Photo only two remain
At first there were 6 wolves but when I filmed only two left

I have two bull moose wintering on the creek next to me. Last year I had only one bull. I think he brought a friend into the area to winter this year. One bull still had its antlers so I went down and took a few photos. This is the longest I have ever seen a bull moose hold on to his headgear.  Usually by the end of January the bulls have dropped their antlers. Not this guy! Maybe he feels that keeping the bone will deter a wolf attack. I’m watching to see if wolves will kill these bulls.

This old boy brought a friend along this winter
This bull showed up last winter at my gate

Here at 7500 feet, the warm early March temperatures caused the snow pack to become hard. Then when the temperature dropped to below freezing the wolves can travel along the top as if it was solid ground. This makes it easier to catch and kill elk and moose.

The buddy Bull
This bull came along this winter he still had his antlers in February

I’ll continue to keep you posted on the two wintering bulls. Mike Eastman

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I recently purchased your new Antelope book and just like the rest of your books (all three signed 1st editions) that I have purchased I was not disappointed.

    My daughter and I are in the process of planning a DIY Antelope hunt for the 2010 hunting season it will be my 1st Antelope hunting trip as well as my daughters 1st Antelope hunting trip and 1st year hunting.

    With help from the MRS, your book,TOPO USA, and various other on-line resources I think I have narrowed it down to Unit 47. I live in California and have never been to Wyoming and was wondering if you had any insight into this area or may have additional tips.

    Thanks Again,

    Wes and Abby Murer

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