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Rock Springs MDF Dinner

On the 7th of March I traveled from my mountain hole 380 miles down to Rock Springs Wyoming for the MDF dinner. David Long invited me to accompany him to this annual function. The banquet is the largest of the national MDF fundraisers dinners. The residents of Rock Springs came out 500 plus strong. It was a big event and a good time. I could tell the local committee members spent a lot of time and effort on the banquet. Again “kudos” to Joey Faigl and the local MDF committee for an excellent and well-organized banquet. Looking at the regional MDF banquet events in Wyoming, I count 8 towns having a dinner and auction.

I donated one of my limited edition 20×20 photos of a public land 210-velvet mule deer buck to be action off. The photo wasn’t listed in the program but to my surprise it sold for $1100.00 to the top bidder, Robert Chandler. I had also donated first editions of my three books. Hunting High Country Mule Deer was a first edition and only 2500 copies were ever printed back in the late 90’s. The second book, Hunting Trophy Antelope was also a first edition that I pulled out of my book cache and made sure it was a low number.

210 Public Land MD that I filmed 20×20 available for sale

Me with Robert who purchase my 20×20 Print

I don’t know what the Living Legends print we donated went for, but it’s a signed and numbered limited edition by Brent Todd of the three Wyoming public land bucks. That limit edition print has been sold out for many years. I noticed nothing was written up on it in the program either. With photos and video footage in several hunting DVD’s, no doubt these three bucks are the most famous mule deer in modern day hunting. (Plus they are Wyoming bucks!) I think they could have raised more money if the crowd had been informed of the limited availability of this signed print. My mistake was not insisting that the MDF use the write up my people had furnished them on each of all these hard-to-find items. I’m sure this would have helped get more dollars for the books, photo and print.


I was wondering around and looking at some of the auction items from the national headquarters. Being a bit critical, I wasn’t very impressed. To be honest, the quality of local contribution items was much more impressive. In closing as a past Board of Director, I do wish that more of the money raised could stayed in the state where it was raised instead of going south.

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