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Removing Hide

Learn how to debone the meat from your next big game animal without field dressing. Public land hunter Brandon Mason breaks down step by step how to remove the meat from a bull elk. Front quarters, hind quarters, neck meat, backstops and tenderloins are all removed and the guts are never disturbed!


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  1. Don Louis McBride

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks. Good info. However I need to take issue with his statement that game meat is or may be more wholesome that farm produced poultry, pork or beef. If a USDA inspector watched him do this animal the meat would be condemned as being unsanitary. And in the video after his statement of wholesomeness he coughed on the meat. And you can see hair on the meat.

  3. What about all the meat between the ribs and the tenderloin inside?

  4. Good concept, but i’ll bet his taxidermist hates him! So sloppy in skinning, it will take hours of fleshing to prep for the tanner. After handling the hide and hair, gloves should be replaced so you don’t taint the meat.

    • And the way he’s holding the knife, where he’s standing, the direction he’s going… avoid stabbing yourself in the field by cutting away from yourself!!

  5. Great tips, awesome job!!

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