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Inspire A Kid

Anyone who has spent time around kids knows how quickly they can get “bored”. In today’s world of instant gratification, touch screen, on demand, have it your way, more choices than you can shake a stick at entertainment, which is almost all tech based and electronically driven, therefore meaning it’s done indoors, it can be easy to see how a quiet morning glassing for deer could seem boring to our overstimulated youth. Now before you go on a rant about “back in my day…” just hear me out. If we want to hook kids on hunting we have to give them lots of opportunities to find out how much fun it is and we need to approach them on their level and engage them via a medium they understand… technology. 

The Wyoming Game and Fish seems to be plugged into this and has come up with a resource they’ve dubbed Inspire a Kid: it’s for life This resource is designed to help parents and kids discover all that Wyoming has to offer in the great outdoors. Since most kids will automatically turn down an adult’s first offered option the website gives lots of ideas and choices. From tracking migrating ungulates to tooth aging there are a myriad of activities for kids to choose from, meaning that the age old response of “I don’t care” is rendered useless; just go pick something and get outside!

From Where To Go and How To sections right down a recipe section there is something for everyone. So the next time you find yourself with a houseful of “bored” kids send them to Inspire a Kid website and then offer to help them with whatever they choose. Afterall, you never know where your next adventure in the outdoors will lead you and if you’re not careful you may just have some fun while learning something new. Get out there!

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