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Reintroducing Wolves to Colorado – It’s a Bad Idea

Guest Author: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Take a dive into the hot topic…. wolf reintroduction. RMEF has put together a video on the TOP 10 reasons why forced reintroduction is a bad idea.

“RMEF has a long history in Colorado. Since 1987, RMEF and its partners completed 782 conservation and hunting heritage outreach projects with a combined value of more than $177.7 million. These projects protected or enhanced 468,068 acres of habitat and opened or improved public access to 122,107 acres. There are also more than 17,000 RMEF members and 28 chapters in the state.” – Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

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The letter below came through my email this morning. I’ll not divulge who wrote it …


  1. Wherever wolves are reintroduced, you might as wall hang up your bow and put your rifle in the safe because wolves will replace all hunters. I used to see lots of elk in Yellowstone Park, but the last time i went there, i saw one cow elk and a wolf was chasing it. It took our country many years to rid us of these pest, now they willingly want to put them back in our national forests, BAD IDEA.

  2. The challenge is to get this message to the 3.5 million voting citizens of Colorado many of which have no idea about Colorado’s big game management, no idea of Colorado’s ten big game species and their habitat or population, no idea who is the major funding source of the CPW, no idea that hunting is the major tool to control big game populations, and most important the negative impact, over time, the forced introduction of the gray wolf into Colorado will have on its 6 million citizens. Those in favor claim that ” once established the gray wolf will bring back the critical balance of nature to Colorado.”. I challenge anyone to show where in Colorado is nature unbalanced and where the forced introduction of a greater numbers of wolves will solve that unbalance if there actually is an unbalance..

    Check out stopthewolf.org for more information. Pau Navarre, Ft. Collins CO.

  3. Loren Mortensen

    My Grandfather started ranching in 1909 in what consists of of among other 80,81,76 or whats known as the San Luis valley, there were few deer and the first Elk he knew of was planted in an area near Platoro where he ran sheep. If thats the balance the wolf reintroduction you want, that will be the results of wolves in Colorado. Both of my Grandfathers took the wolf out and lived to see the Elk and Deer population grow to what it is here in southern Colorado, I must say Cougar and Bear was also targeted, and they too need to have numbers decreased they are growing. It’s sad to see the reversal and the waste of the great strides the wildlife population we’ve gained Bighorn populations, Elk, Deer ect. have flourished. Once their released it will never be the same we will return to conditions where true harvest control is lost. Protect these great resources. We must defeat this.

  4. There is no such thing as a “re”introduction of an invasive species. These are not even the same predator that was eradicated years ago. This is a much larger and more aggressive animal that was there years before. They say they just kill the old and weak, but are all of the deer, elk, and moose old and weak? They won’t stop until we stop them or the ungulates are gone!

  5. OK Folks, here’s what you CAN DO to help out. Send an email link to this video to every person you know in Colorado, and politely ask them view it, and ask them to forward it on to other Coloradans in their email contacts list. I just did that.
    Let’s use the power of the internet to offset those Millions of $ coming in from out-of-state

    The video can be found at

    JUST DO IT !!!!

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