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Mule deer or whitetail deer? It’s a hunter’s choice when deer hunting with Wolverine Creek Outfitters in eastern Nebraska. Deer outfitter Ryan Lakovitch offers a full service deer hunting camp. Ike Eastman took a mule deer buck with mass and extras on his 2019 deer hunt with Wolverine Creek Outfitters.

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About Ike Eastman

Ike Eastman
Ike Eastman is the President of Eastmans’ Publishing and oversees the daily operations of Eastmans’ Hunting TV, Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals, Eastmans’ Live Events including the Trophy Deer Tour, films in the fall and is hands-on in all facets of the company. Ike’s hunting knowledge and expertise has been shaped by more than 25 years of pursuing trophy big game across most of North America.

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