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Record Breaker!

Last year I was guiding mule deer on the Arizona Strip for my son Travis and his partner David Pereda with Arizona Strip Guides. I had my client Henry on a huge non-typical muley we dubbed “Wally.” Henry had a couple shots at Wally but just couldn’t close the deal. We were both disappointed, but toward the end of the hunt he was able to connect on a very nice 4-point.

My disappointment on that hunt turned into joy when I was notified in 2014 that I drew the same coveted archery mule deer tag. The first thought that came to mind was, “Yes! I’ll have a chance to hunt Wally!”

I figured the hunt was going to be a spot and stalk hunt so I geared up accordingly. I did a lot of shooting and became amazingly accurate. I did my homework before the season and knew right where Wally would be hanging out opening morning.

Sure enough, just as the sun was cresting the horizon, I found him. He was running with seven other beautiful bucks — what a sight to see!  SUBSCRIBE HERE to read the rest of John’s story in Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal!


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