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Mule Deer Steak Barbecue!

It’s summer barbecue season! This week we are grilling mule deer and enjoying the spring weather as we wait for the fall. Press play to find out what one of our favorite mule deer recipe is and how we prepare it for the grill! What will you be grilling this summer?

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  1. My favorite recipe for deer, elk, antelope or javelina is to marinate steaks in a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce and sprinkle with garlic and season salts. Barbeque to rare to medium rare. Simple and very tasty.

  2. Dear Ike:
    Please email me at the address I input, and I will email you back a pdf with the complete instructions for your personal testing. I have converted Vegans back to meat with this process!

  3. Awe man that looks awesome! Love the cooking shows.

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