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Montana Black Bear Season Update


Spring bear season is upon us in Montana and there are a few new things to keep in mind. The big news from last year is that running bears with hounds is now legal so be sure to keep that in mind for the non-houndsman that are out there hunting. Hound hunting season is April 15 – May 25th and hound training season is May 26th – June 15th. Hunting season dates haven’t changed. Hound hunters must have a valid black bear license or a Class D Hound license. Hound hunting for bears is illegal in grizzly country which includes Region 1 and many other areas including the east side of Glacier and districts around Yellowstone. Check the regs for specifics. Hound training permits are limited in each area as well so be sure to check regulations for specifics.

Some other new items this year are you have 48 hours to report your harvest which was whittled down compared to 10 days to report in the past. However, in Region 1 you don’t have to check your bear in person. You must submit a premolar to FWP in person or have it postmarked within 10 days of harvest including the form available online. There is a new black bear season in region 6 with a quota of 4. For more details be sure to check the FWP website. 


Be safe out there bear hunters, hunt for a nice boar, and watch out for grizzlies!

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