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Man Sentenced for Buying Bear Parts

Yan ‘Bo’ Fong | Courtesy Independent Record

Here’s an interesting case you don’t see too often. Yan Fong of Pocatello, Idaho was sentenced to 10 years with the Montana Department of Corrections with all but 100 days suspended and was fined $25,000. He also lost his hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges in Montana and 46 other states for six years. 

Back in 2017 and 2018 he bought 11 bear gall bladders, four black bears, 24 black bear paws, three mountain lions, two mule deer, one elk and seven bobcats in Montana and brought them back to Idaho. He was charged with a felony count of unlawful sale of a game fish, bird, game animal or fur bearing animal and a felony count of unlawful possession, shipment, or transport of said animals. 

He is also facing similar charges in Idaho and California. Of course these odd animal parts have significant value in Asia which is the driving factor for this business much, like poaching in Africa for horns. These penalties are more substantial than we see in many poaching cases around the West and hopefully will set a precedent. I’m guessing that having six years of no hunting or fishing won’t affect Mr. Wong but, for not being the trigger man that is a solid penalty. I would like to see more stiff bans like this in the future for the convicted poachers out there, especially the chronic poachers. Especially increased jail time. It seems that all too often poachers get away with fines and suspended hunting privileges, which doesn’t mean much to someone who doesn’t hunt legally anyway, and little if any jail time. 

Cases like Mr. Wong’s are a good reminder that poaching is a worldwide problem and one we should be taking very seriously! 



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  1. Dan, think you mean elephant tusks, not horns in Africa

  2. I think the guy from Idaho selling animal parts should of got the full jail with none of it suspended. A bigger fine too.

    • I agree 100 % !
      This Scumbag should have received 12-15 Yrs. Damn good thing I’m not the Judge.
      No Sympathy for poaching- PERIOD

      • Todd
        I agree with you…don’t suspend anytime off and give bigger fines. Think most poachers know this and laugh(they just move to another place and wait). This will continue as lond as wimpy judges give a tap on wrist for their crime….we as ethical hunters suffer due to increase license fees or harvest limits restrictions…

  3. George Montgomery

    What’s the difference between selling antlers, pelts or gall bladders from hunted animals? The gall bladder rule has always puzzled me.

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