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Low Country Mule Deer Hunting!

There is little doubt that killing an iconic mature mule deer buck in the high country of the West is a dream that every big game hunter has. However, from the deserts of southwest Wyoming to the badlands of North Dakota there is quality low country mule deer habitat that holds many mature bucks who have been able to grow up and mature into quality trophies. Follow along on one of Mike Eastmans’ southwest Wyoming mule deer hunts and watch as Guy Eastman breaks down where to glass up mature mule deer in this video tip.

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Low country mule deer not your thing? Give this episode of Eastmans’ Elevated a listen as Brian Barney and Ryan Lampers talk strategy for finding big mule in the high country. Both hunters have an impressive resume of quality mule deer, many coming from over the counter or easy to draw units in a variety of states. Press play right here to take a listen or download every episode on iTunes or your podcast app of choice! We promise you will love the content we have lined up and true to our mission statement at Eastmans’ we will do our best to make you a better hunter with every episode!

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