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Lightweight Tripod

The Gorillapod Mini-Tripod with Compact Ball Head

I’m back with a review on a small tripod that can be used on backcountry hunts. I have over the years looked at tripods that are on the market and most are to heavy, bulky or both. In fact, in my book Hunting High Mountain Mule Deer I even went so far as to build my own lightweight spotting scope holder that can be attached to a tree.

Fast forward to more modern times, and now I have found a tripod that is functional for those backcountry hunts. I have used this tripod for several years. It comes in several sizes and models, but the one that I landed on has a small ball-head so you can move the spotting scope left and right, or up and down with ease. It’s the Gorillapod SLR-Zoom Flexible Mini-Tripod with Compact Ball Head. It has a bubble level on the quick-release adapter, which will aid in leveling the tripod. The best news is that it’s only 18 ounces! This combination can support up to 6.5 pounds, which tells me even the heaver style of spotting scope can be supported on this lightweight tripod. Which by the way, I’m not tough enough to pack on extended backcountry hunts. However, for it’s lightweight and small size I personally like the Nikon ED 50 spotting scope.

The Tripod can wrap around a tree branch for glassing while standing
Not only lightweight but can fit into side pockets as one unit

The tripod stands only 11.7 inches tall and folds to a compact length of 12.5 inches, making it a perfect size to fit a side pocket of a backpack. With it’s “crazy legs” it can be set up on uneven terrain. Now here is the best part for me. I can twist its segmented legs around a tree branch for support and use while I’m setting or standing up. The additional advantage of using a tree is it also brakes up my silhouette while glassing on a lookout.

The price with the head is only $54.95 from B&H. Check it out at (www.bhphotovideo.com/)

My next Blog, the end of January, will be after the Shot Show where I will have information on innovative products that I find of interest to D-I-Y hunters.

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  1. Nice review Mike.

    I believe I will have to own one of these.

    Sounds like a real usable piece of gear at a reasonable price.

    Thank you for taking the time to review it.


  2. Thanks Mike for the info, I might have to get one of those tripods.

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