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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well, hope you and your family had a good Christmas and will have a great New Year! The snows came early up here. We have over 90 inches of snow fall since the 1st of November, and the Eastman family was up for Christmas. Took the sleds and went to get a Christmas tree above the house. The grandkids came along and had a great time in the chest deep snow. Then Friday and Saturday we all did some snow sledding above the house.What a fun time with the whole Eastman clan.

The guys are getting ready for the winter show season and will be at many sports shows this winter. Check it out on the eastmans.com web site. We hope to see you at one. Bertie and I have had a lot of moose hanging around the place. I think it’s because of all the snow. I counted 5 bulls that the wolves haven’t taken down yet. Last year the deer, as well as the elk, winter around the place. But this year, because of all the snow they all moved out to greener pastures. Only moose are left and because of the wolves, boy are they cranky!

Mike Plowing up 8′ snow banks 3′ on the level

Mike & Delmer putting up lights on the house. Snowmachines ready!
Guy & grandson Jack catching up to the family heading for the meadow.
Ike doing some power turns. Ripping up the meadow with the Dragon.
7 sleds and the whole family above the house in a untouched meadow. Taking a break.

In the next Blog I will be doing a write up on lightweight tripods that can handle spotting scopes and cameras. I don’t know about you, but I hate lugging around a heavy tripod for use with my spotting scope. So I will give you some different alternatives for tripods that work on a backpack hunt. I will try to have this next Blog out by the 10th of the month.

Good Luck on the up and coming draws.

Mike Eastman

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