Learn how to get tenderloins without gutting a deer or elk in the field in this hunting tip. Hunter Brandon Mason demonstrates how to remove elk tenderloins without field dressing. The gutless method of removing tenderloins can be done on any big game animal, including deer, elk or antelope. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more hunting tips and hunting videos. Tap the bell to get notifications so you never miss a video from Eastmans!


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  1. Wouldn’t blogging or boasting how to remove a set of tenderloins without field dressing.. encourage poaching? That’s how I see it..the fast & disrespectful way to remove meat off a animal. You guys are disrespectful to the sportsman. Do things with class..show some respect for the game & the sport.

  2. We started doing this several years ago. Here in Texas it just made sense. We tried numerous times to make ribs edible, barbeque, smoking, stewing, just plain too little meat/fat, they are too dry. So we started not opening the cavity at all, ( I usually make a heart/lungs shot) and just skin the hide, remove the quarters,tenderloins, etcetera, and dispose of the chest cavity and entrails. There is so little meat inside that it just makes no sense to open them.

    As for “encouraging poaching,” I call bulls___t. Poaching is a crime, engaged in by “criminals,” not something that sportsmen engage in, and conflating it with hunting sounds just silly, ignorant, or complicent with anti-hunters!

  3. Not sure how this promotes poaching in Dave’s angry mind but I find the gutless method to be a far superior way to handle game in the field. Not all of us can back up a pickup to our kill and have to haul every bit of meat out on our backs. I salvage the same amount of meat that I would if I were to gut an animal, including the tenderloins, and find it so much cleaner and efficient, especially on animals with less than perfect shot placement. I won’t ever go back to gutting!

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