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Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal Updated: EBJ 129


This bow review features the Mathews V3X. This bow has 3 new features that set it apart from the V3.The Bridge-Lock Sight system and a sleek new Lower quiver design provides better balance than ever. You can even make easy adjusts at home or in the field without a bow press! The new Stay Afield System allows you to quickly and easily remove or repair strings and cables no matter where you are. Dan Pickar also speed tests this bow with a chronograph.

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Gavin Steele | WY
Once again, I was on my way to the wildest country I knew in the lower 48. To a place where remains of the early mountain men, Indian and now extinct species alike can be found high on windswept slopes and jagged peaks. Where large, petrified trees lay on ridges that haven’t held timber since records have been kept. But I wasn’t back just for the rush of being in this wild place, to see the sights or to take in the fresh air; I was back to meet an opponent and to play a game.
The time had come for the elk hunt I had been eagerly awaiting. I had been doing my homework on genetics and migration routes for a few years and was lucky enough to have shot a great bull on the edge of this herd the previous season. Few archery hunters ventured here for a handful of reasons, not the least of which being a large number of problematic grizzly bears. But I was now addicted to this country and wanted to beat a mature old bull at his game of chess on the mountain.


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