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Grizzly Attack: That Didn’t Take Long…

That Didn’t Take Long

Spring is here and everyone is chomping at the bit to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. Shed hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, are all on everyone’s minds.

Fresh on the heels of a deadly fall hunting season in regard to grizzly bear attacks in 2018 out West, and on the heels of a liberal judge’s decision to shut down our first grizzly hunt in a very long time last fall, the first major reported story of a bear attack didn’t take long to hit the press already in the spring of 2019.

A 17-year-old out shed hunting south of Ennis, MT on April 7 was attacked by a grizzly bear and was able to deploy bear spray after being pinned to the ground by the bruin. This deterred the bear, allowing the teen to get to safety for his minor wounds to be treated.

This isn’t a good sign for the start of the 2019 field season for those of us that enjoy our country’s public lands in the Rocky Mountain West. Grizzly bear numbers are over the carrying capacity for the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA) according to the plans laid out by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

When people place animals’ lives ahead of the importance of human life, chaos ensues and always has. The psychologically sick individuals that sue over the delisting of a recovered species like the grizzly bear and wolf actually believe these animals to be of more importance than the sanctity of human life. These people have proven over and over again they are irrational and incapable of analyzing ALL of the facts and coming to a sound conclusion on any topic.

This isn’t a new phenomenon in human beings. Studying history books, including the Bible, it isn’t hard to see “there is nothing new under the sun.” I’m not trying to push religious hot buttons here, just illustrating that the facts from history show that when societies abandon morality, as is happening in the U.S. currently, chaos WILL ensue. Eighty-eight civilizations before us have proven it and we are following suit. This is more than a “predator death spiral” as we’ve coined the term in other blog posts here at Eastmans’. It is more accurately described as a “societal death spiral.”

Just the facts, friends, just the facts…

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  1. Articles like this don’t help your cause. Calling people “psychologically sick” for not agreeing with your point of view is part of what is causing this societal downward spiral you speak of. We have reached a point where it’s nearly impossible to have respectful conversations about anything we’re passionate about.

    Just because those people want to protect a recovering or recently recovered species doesn’t necessarily mean that they value an animals life over a human one either. That’s an inflammatory stretch in my opinion and potentially reduces your credibility.

    Personally, I’m all for science backed game management. If the folks who know what the carrying capacity is say that they have a sustainable population, then that should be what dictates that states hunting regulations (again, in my opinion).

    I’m a lifelong big game hunter. I have no desire personally to kill either bear or big cats but I know that managing their populations is a critical component of successfully managing big game populations. As such, I am happy to leave those hunts to those who enjoy them. Also, if I were in a life threatening situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill a bear or cougar.

    As hunters it is our responsibility to educate the greater population about topics like these. Calling them sick or stupid and stomping our feet while saying we should be able to kill whatever we want is simply not going to work in our favor.

    Just my two cents.

    • I enjoyed the article and personally agree with your sentiments.
      However, Jim is correct in his summation of a more effective approach towards those who misunderstand and therefore disagree with science based wildlife management.
      I sincerely doubt the likelihood of changing their minds with scientific facts towards managenent but wholeheartedly believe the certainty of minds closing when approached with emotional rhetoric pertaining to wildlife’s responsible and sceintifically proven management.
      Thank you for your passion.

    • But chaos WILL ensue! It’s a societal death spiral.

    • I agree with Jim 100% it doesn’t help YOUR cause at all. Tell you what Brandon stay the hell out of there already over crowded domain take take take says the white man trump ass kisser. Over the limit area??? How about open season on narrow minded people like you I’d day about 75% over the limit TROPHY Hunter! Not true game keepers/ landlords hunters. artctical a joke.

    • Sorry Jim, but TA Chaput just proved Brandon’s point!

  2. Griz needs to be de listed and managed by the state wildlife agency, pure and simple!

    • I live in British Columbia where our Grizzly hunt was closed by urban voters, not by science. I am a life long hunter, son of a Conservation Officer and great grandson of the 1st explorer of Banff, AB. Our Grizzly conflicts have spiked in the last 2 years and will continue to do so without a limited entry hunt. The most attacks historically have occurred in National Parks where there is no hunting. Now the whole province of BC, with the largest population of Grizzlies is closed to hunting. An intelligent apex predator will just continue to get bolder and grizzly conflicts will continue to increase unless we get a change in political parties and science is allowed to prevail.

      • I think, as an apex predator, we definitely have the right to kill any grizzly bear we want. Once humans have inhabited a certain area, grizzly bears should not be there. The only real way to guarantee no conflict with humans, is to eliminate all grizzly bears. I just will not consider any other answer. The hunting conservation model has proven this to be right.

        • You think you can replace the natural order, whether it belongs to God or not, b/c as an “apex predator” you have the “right” to kill whatever you want.

          Those are judgments way above your pay grade.

          Its just flat out hubris and more than a little stupid to think the 100 or so years Europeans have been trying to “manage” wildlife populations on this continent is a substitute for standing back and letting things work the way they did for tens of millennia.

          That said, if what we’ve learned about “the landscape of fear” is any guide, a season on grizzlies would instill some wariness in the animal they don’t currently have. They haven’t been hunted for a long time. That isn’t natural, and if we added a season and they got a taste of danger the number of attacks would drop off.

  3. The limitations of your thinking can only result in these types of ridiculous conclusions.

    Evolved people understand that Predators are a valuable and integral part of the cycle of life and must be protected from overhunting.Furthermore – those who take the most issue with natural Predators refuse to acknowledge the psychopathic killing machine that is our economically – driven overexploitation of land and other resources.

    True immorality is a willful ignorance placing ourselves higher than the sacred cycle of life and thinking we’re more essential than the Predators nature itself evolved to keep the tapestry integrated.

    We have a collective responsibility to manage our own human interests in such a way that animals are safe from this delusional thinking that certain species have to be “managed” everywhere for our convenience.

    As if Planet Earth is only here to serve people,, billions of cattle, trophy hunting and mass market production!

    Let’s learn to manage our own population after we’ve built cities and highways and altered so much former wilderness into livestock and agricultural farms!

    It’s really time for a massive shift in how we collectively relate to our fellow creatures.

    The same mentality that results in HONEYBEES being endangered is this delusional belief that our species is more important than those making life possible.

    The best visionaries know Nature Needs HALF of the ecosystems and all animals within it for thriving gene pools and connectivity .

    Whoever isn’t part of the solution is most DEFINITELY part of the problem !

    • Your absolutely right! We should close all national,state and local parks. We should also stop all funding directed towards wildlife, land reclamation, and oceanic exploration. All BLM and national forests should be off limits to human beings. Also end all funding for wildland firefighting and any natural disaster reclamation efforts. Any and all water reservoir projects, sewage and recycling projects are not to be tolerated. All human beings should live in 300 sq. foot apartments in the middle of wasteland deserts and never see the sunlight!

      The fact that we are part of nature is lost on too many people. The fact that we are at the very top of the predator list is also lost on too many people. Responsible fact based management has proven to be effective . It’s a constant evolution of how to implement it and improve it. So rants about the horrible human race is getting old. You can make your own contribution and not have any kids of your own. Have a nice day!

    • I feel sorry for peggy everyone has a right to say what is on there mine.

    • Peggy is the perfect example of why you cannot compromise anymore. She immediately starts out with the assertion that she is better than anyone who disagrees with her. Peggy is the type that wants everyone to believe in global warming because science proves it but then denies science when it comes to the management of wildlife. Peggy is your typical agenda driven leftist who drinks from the faucet of hypocrisy.

  4. We need to kill those Grizzly Bears! It says so in the Bible!

  5. Anyone who advocates for the closure of all BLM, National Forest, state and local lands just doesn’t use our beautiful land. People who don’t use and visit our country’s backcountry regularly must be seen as having no valid or credible opinion. Shame on you, Mark.

    • I believe Mark was using sarcasm when advocating BLM closure.

    • Mr. Coleman my satirical reply was lost on you! Thats ok, but it was meant to point out how some thought processes completely divorce man from nature as did Peggy’s comment. The fact that we have the ability to enjoy our surroundings and help manage its balance is a huge responsibility that comes at great expense to all of us. Hunting Grizzlies in a responsible way helps the entire ecosystem find a balance. Is it perfect? No, but necessary. Management mistakes are made every year but the effort that our governmental and sportsman based organizations continue to make positive strides in wilderness areas and wildlife proliferation. All of this funded by us for all inhabitants to thrive whether they are human or not! Sorry for the confusion.

  6. well said Mark!!

  7. Lets just relocate them to other areas in their “native range”. I wonder how many could fit in LA and SF?

  8. I think Jim captured it pretty well, glad the kid is ok. It is also worth noting that the MTFWP is asking folks to wait until later in the spring and give the animals a chance to get in better shape. Maybe that griz would have been further back in the high country and not down low looking for winter. BTW, so done with reference’s to the bible and god when it comes to hunting and fishing…keep it in church. Blaine

  9. Most of the decision making by Government is solely driven by Votes will they get to stay in power!

  10. Whoa! I appreciate all the comments above. The author is involved which is good, but the self centered perspective is absurd.
    “Liberal judge” – what the heck is that? So you get a speeding ticket and the judge agrees with the citation…Is he/she liberal or conservative? Was the cop?
    The young man sustained “minor injuries” – He seems to have done the right thing. He carried pepper spray. Could he have made an accurate shot with a gun with a bear on his back?
    If you don’t like hunting in predator country…good. Leave it for the rest of us.
    If you think it is “psychologically sick” to disagree with delisting you better consider it psychologically sick to support the lack of background checks for firearm purchases and the existence of automobiles. Just check out the comparative numbers. Read the history books and databases.
    Placing people’s lives above animals lives will result in the loss of habitat, the loss of fair chase hunting (which I thought Eastman’s supported), and leave hunting of any kind to “canned” hunts or only for the very wealthy. Defend yourself and family of course, but a other people are much more dangerous. Look at the news and “history books.”
    If you wish to attack the existence of predators (your specification) on the landscape, please consider that no one has been killed by a cougar, a wolf, a wolverine, a weasel, or a great horned owl this year.
    Is it moral to not consider stewardship of wildlife to preserve it for the future? Is it biblical? Of course you are trying to push “religious hot buttons.” If you don’t see it you are not thinking. If you do, you are lying. At the least you are pushing emotional perspectives. I do not think wildlife management with emotion is a good idea. Compassion yes, consideration of other value groups yes, emotion no.
    The death of the man last fall was tragic. I don’t take it lightly. It can happen. Be prepared. I had a griz come towards me at 20 yds. Last fall. Set me back for sure.
    Be prepared for extremist points of view which may result in anarchy. Trust science. Be as involved as you can.
    Grizzly management will be very complicated, the numbers are there, that is a fact I trust. It would be good if populations could connect with other genetic pools to the north. bottom line, I want more habitat for more elk, deer, wild sheep, and yes…more predators, and you know, more clean water and a better chance to allow more people to enjoy the outdoors.
    I’ll be thinking twice about reading Eastman’s again.
    The spiral is anarchist emotional thinking.

    • Ken, you’re right, the spiral of anarchist emotional thinking is where the problem stems from, where a Judge decided to disregard the scientific facts that took many years to accumulate; and made a hiatus decision based on Political Motive…….let me guess, you’re from Jackson Hole or Missoula….. so easily offended, without regard to taking the, in your own words, scientific facts into account, pretty hypocritical if you ask me!


  12. Ken, a liberal Judge would be one that Barry Obama appointed, like the one from Montana that stopped our Grizzly hunt here in Wyoming.

  13. Grizz and wolf absolutely, 100% need to be managed by the individual states fish game agencies. My God it is that darn simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Just shoot them whenever you see them. We will never get good management policies. Just remember: Hunters’ lives matter.

  15. Most of the naysayers have absolutely no clue how wildlife interact, even though they pretend to. Those of us who spend most of our lives in the woods know and directly see the devastation that is happening to our game animals from overpopulation of prey species. While prey species have a role, their role is negligible in the fact they are not the type of animals that life can be sustained upon. If any of these naysayers cared about the poor, the hungry, and/or the starving, they would surely see the significant impact game animals play in the sustainability of feeding the masses. But sadly they don’t, and ironically the predators they care so deeply for wouldn’t give a second thought about making them fertilizer! Balance is key. If they gain a healthy fear of humans through management, then they will know their place and be better off.

  16. Just relocate problem animals to the neighborhoods of the people that file the law suits

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