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Forward Thinking In Wyoming – The Wildlife Crossing Initiative



With the push to protect migrating wildlife during the throes of their arduous journeys, Gov. Mark Gordon created an Executive Order around the Protection of Migration Corridors. With this order comes a focus on mitigating the estimated 6,000 big game animal deaths each year in Wyoming caused by vehicle collisions. 

A fundraising focus to this initiative is designed to help provide more wildlife crossings over and under high traffic areas for both vehicles and big game animals. These crossings don’t come cheap but the cost is outweighed by the benefits; safety of human drivers and migrating big game, insurance monies paid out for claims and, let’s face it, peace of mind. 

The existing projects have seen great success in reducing collisions and are seemingly making the migrations of big game a bit less treacherous. “We’ve already seen major accomplishments with the work that’s been done so far with wildlife-vehicle collision mitigation but we still have more to do,” said Director of WYDOT K. Luke Reiner. “Our mission is to help keep the traveling public safe and our partnership with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is one way we can do that.”

The fundraising drive for The Wildlife Crossing Initiative has been latched onto by such organizations as The Muley Fanatic Foundation and the organization’s Upper Green River Chapter recently presented a sizable check to Game & Fish Commissioner Mike Schmid that will be specifically allocated to the Dry Piney Highway Underpasses Project. 

It is my hope that other organizations adopt fundraising efforts as we are all responsible for the welfare and stewardship of our big game species.

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