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NEW Outfitter Ammunition from Hornady

Hunting involves rain, snow, and dirt! Is your hunting ammo up to the job? In this hunting gear review, Todd Helms puts the new Hornady Outfitter Ammo to the test on a cold Wyoming day. See how this weatherproof ammo performs after landing in the snow. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more hunting gear review videos. Tap the bell to get notifications so you never miss a video from Eastmans!

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  1. I’m using these Outfitters in my new .375 Ruger Savage 110 and I had a few of them that would not load into the chamber. I talked to Hornady about it and they said maybe the nickle plating on them were too thick. I bought a few more boxes to see if it was a fluke. I will try them and see if any of them have the same issue.

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