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Fireforming .280 AI Brass With a Kimber Rifle

New for 2017 is the Kimber Subalpine. Based off the Model 84M, the Subapline has a wrapped carbon fiber stock, stainless steel, fluted barrel, match chamber, adjustable trigger and is pillar bedded. The rifle alone is a super-light 4 lbs 13 oz for the short action and 5 lbs 4 oz for the long action. Kimbers have the sub MOA accuracy standard and the one I purchased in .280 Ackley Improved came with a test target group of .49.

The Subalpine also has the trusty Winchester style 3-position safety and claw extractor which are fail-safe components. The end of the barrel is threaded and can be fitted with a suppressor or muzzle brake. Weight has been cut from this rifle wherever possible and with a good scope, it is arguably one of the best production rifles you can get for the money in any caliber you could want for anything on the North American continent. The internal magazine has a capacity of four cartridges which feed and cycle flawlessly through every shot.

Shooting and working on the action of this rifle is a dream and a muzzle brake makes this gun truly easy to shoot, whether you are a beginner or seasoned hunter. The Subalpine is available in five calibers, including the .308 Win., .280 Ackley Improved, .30-06, .300 WSM, and the .300 win mag. Topped with a quality scope, this rifle is perfect for the backcountry hunter in any weather conditions you can throw at it. MSRP: $1700


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  1. Nice video on fire forming improved cases, and the Kimber subalpine. I had a kimber Montana in .280 Ackley that fed very poorly from the magazine. Kimber had me send in rifle to check out for function and returned to me with the feed ramp polished. Fed somewhat better but still not good. I love the .280 Ackley cartridge and the light weight of the Kimbers, especially for mountain hunting but disappointed with the poor feeding, so I traded for a different brand. Before I traded, I even was allowed to function test another Kimber with factory 280 Ackley ammo at my local gun shop, which also fed poorly! You stated your rifle functioned flawlessly. Did that include feeding from the magazine? I would appreciate your thoughts and response.
    Thank you

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