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Bloodsport’s New Gravedigger Broadheads


The original Gravedigger Hybrid Mechanical broadhead has inspired confidence in many bowhunters since its debut in 2011. Using an innovative hybrid design incorporating the best characteristics of both fixed-blades and mechanicals, Gravediggers have repeatedly proven their ability to fly straight, penetrate deep and cut wide, devastating wound channels.

For those bowhunters who prefer a purely mechanical design, Bloodsport’s popular Night Fury head has attracted a similarly enthusiastic following. Widely heralded as the most accurate mechanical available, the Night Fury‘s chisel tip penetrates deep to split bone, while its pair of wide, cross-opening cutting blades maximize tissue damage and blood loss.

For 2017, Bloodsport is taking proven Gravedigger and Night Fury design and performance to the extreme – an oft-misused adjective within the realm of hunting-industry marketing, but a spot-on description in the case of Bloodsport’s two new Gravedigger Extreme and Night Fury Extreme broadheads.

The new 100-grain Gravedigger Extreme Chisel Tip and 100-grain Gravedigger Extreme Cut on Contact broadheads retain the reliability and unmatched accuracy of the original Gravedigger, but extend the cutting diameter of the fixed blades from 1 inch to 1.25 inches, while increasing the cutting diameter of the cross-opening, curved mechanical blades from 1.75 inches to 2.25 inches. For those keeping score, that’s a total cutting path of 3.5 inches.

Similarly, the new 100-grain Night Fury Extreme preserves the deadly, field point like accuracy and impact of the Night Fury, while increasing overall cutting diameter from 1.875 inches to 2.25 inches.

Ideal for both compounds and crossbows, no-fail Gravedigger Extreme and Night Fury Extreme broadheads require no fidgety rubber bands or O-rings that are easily lost or broken. Instead they employ Bloodsport’s patented Blade Retention System to control deployment of the mechanical cutting blades inside the target. A small, threaded set pin controls the tension on the expanding blades, affording the hunter full control and adjustability based on arrow velocity and the particular game being hunted.

Bloodsport Gravedigger Extreme Hybrid Mechanical Broadheads

  • • Two models available: Chisel Tip & Cut-on-Contact
  • • Weight: 100 grain
  • • 1.25-inch cutting diameter main blades (replaceable)
  • • 2.25-inch cutting diameter mechanical blades (replaceable)
  • • 420 stainless steel blades
  • • 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule
  • • Patented Blade Retention System
  • • No rubber bands or O-rings
  • • Guaranteed to cut, no matter what
  • • No-failure broadhead
  • • True field point accuracy
  • • Sold in 3 packs
  • • MSRP: $39.99

 Bloodsport Night Fury Extreme Mechanical Broadheads

  • • Weight: 100 grain
  • 2.25-inch cutting diameter mechanical blades (replaceable)
  • Integrated chisel tip
  • 420 stainless steel blades
  • 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule
  • Patented Blade Retention System
  • No rubber bands or O-rings
  • True field point accuracy
  • Sold in 3 packs
  • MSRP: $39.99

Whether you prefer hybrid or mechanical, chisel-tip or cut-on-contact, these three new heads will elevate your bowhunting experience through accuracy, penetration and organ devastation. 


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  1. I’m not the best broadhead tuner out there. I decided to give the grave digger extreme a try this season. I was very disappointed at the claim that they fly like field tips. I shoot 3inch groups with my field points at 40 yards. The extreme flew so poorly by comparison. One flew 6 inches low right. Another flew 6 inches high left. Others did the same or flew true right to left but we’re consistently low. There are no practice blades so I ruined 6 broadhead blades trying to get them to shoot straight. That left me with only 3 sharp blades left after spending $120 on 9 broadheads. Needless to say I scraped the idea of using grave digger extreme this season. I feel similar to how I felt after losing money gambling in Vegas.

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