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Death By Coyote: Baby Cow Murdered

Predators are just that and thinking that they are simply cute forest creatures who could step into the set of Bambi is a mistake. The world they live in is brutal and anyone who spends time with them knows exactly what that looks like. In this video Dan Pickar hunts a coyote caught in the act of feeding on a beef cow that it had killed the night before as she was giving birth.

Warning! This video is graphic!

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  1. I guess the coyotes in California don’t get hunted much because here in Washington – where they’re hunted heavily – they’ll literally turn on the afterburners and head for the next county if they see a human within a half-mile of them. 83 yards is a hell of a shot with a bow!

    • When I lived in cali,I hunted them but the farmers rather you leave them alone cause they help with the rodent and pest problems

  2. I am disappointed the author has stooped to using the same type of dramatic language many of the animal rights activist use to vilify hunters, ranchers, and animal producers (I am two of these). This hunter didn’t take down some serial killing maniac. It’s a coyote, not a “murderer”… A calf, not a “baby” cow…
    The hunter did a good thing by killing the coyote. We have plenty of coyotes around us and if you kill the ones that prefer a domestic food source the others learn its not worth the risk. But reeducation is continually needed.
    Let’s not stop down to the level of others and vilify an animal that is only doing what is in its nature, hunting…

    • I agree with Ryan d. I was a little upset that Eastman would stoop to this level. This was as onesided as any animal rights propaganda. As a hunter,we cannot use words like “murder” for a natural act. As a large animal veterinarian for 22yrs I can tell you that that calf appears to have a leg back and upside down and most likely dead already and the cow with her legs back was probably paralyzed and possibly dead already. So if this is the senario to be painted, let’s tell the whole story.

      • Perhaps the calf was dead but its tongue is not swollen which would indicate to me it was alive at the time of the attack. If the cow was hip locked by the calf she would not have tried to drag herself she would have layed in the same place. I believe the cow was attached while she was trying to give birth and was the reason she could not get up was the damage done by the coyote.

        • Not trying to argue the point. Predators need to be controlled. Just trying to express my disappointment in eastmans use of this video to exploit and sensationalize the event. As hunters,yes I am one, we need to present facts and science to the nonhunting public, not hysteria. By the way, a tongue will only swell if the head is stuck in the pelvis and there is a beating heart. I have delivered plenty of dead calves that didn’t have swollen tongues. Also for the cow to have died front those wound there would have to be massive blood loss. Where is the blood trail or blood at the scene and why is the meat so pale. This cow dragged her paralyzed hind end down hill probably in an effort to use in her vulnerable state or maybe to get away from one of Mother Nature best opportunists who know

  3. Edward Wright

    If your a rancher , I’m Winnie the Pooh

    • If disagree with what I stated and have something intelligent to say, say it…

      If you want to doubt my credentials with snide comments don’t waste my time…

  4. Just a coyote doing what coyotes do. Hardly murder.

    • Take $2000.00 out of your pocket and throw it in the wind.I bet you would not.That cow is his livelyhood.

      • That’s @ $2000. You have to consider how many other calves the cow could have plus the $ from the sale of the calf or how many offspring it would have produced . If the calf was a bull, the price of it’s offspring and breeding value were also negated by the “innocent coyote just doing what comes naturally. Coyotes don’t kill cattle naturally, if you want to get technical. Coyotes pull calves out of cows to get to the afterbirth discharge not for the calf or cow meat.

  5. Dan the Man or should I say Coyote Slayer! Good job my man.

  6. murdered? quit applying human emotions to animals. It was “harvested” by the coyotes isnt that what hunters call it these days. your titles and headlines play right in to the hands of the anti hunters

  7. Several posters have already pointed out how ridiculous some of the statements are: “baby cow” (maybe it was a bull calf?)’ “coyote murdered a baby cow” (actually it just killed it)–why use the “murder” word? Did the archer “murder” the coyote? My local veterinarian, who annually “preg-checks” about 25,000 cows each fall opines that most cattle having a calf “present” with an “inverted” calf are dead without some form of human intervention. Obviously, no one can really know what the mortality rate is for such cows, since the ones that survive go “un-noticed” and the ones that die are probably fed upon by coyotes. The language used in the original post was unnecessarily inflammatory.

    I am a retired wildlife biologist, part time cattle producer, and life-long hunter.

  8. Folks complaining about the “murder” language being used in the video should take note that this is intentional use of anti-hunters’ own rhetoric to turn the tables on them. It’s a dialogue with viewers being held on an emotional level, the same level animal rights people use to connect with the general public. You guys might be coldly logical brainiacs, but that’s not where most people are. Using emotional language is far more likely to reach them and persuade them.

    • Who do you think is watching an eastmans hunting blog and video besides hunters. If we can’t have logical”brainiacal” discussions amongst our fellow hunters well we r doomed

  9. Ron White say’s you can’t fix it, so you just have to work around it…..

  10. The use of the verb “murder” in the context of a cow is new to me. A coyote doing what is natural- surviving by hunting (what few people do) is NOT new to me. Coyotes are opportunists- in other words, if they see an animal that they deem vulnerable, they will take advantage of that situation. Coyotes just do what all animals have been doing for millions of years- survive by any means necessary. They’re not evil. In fact, they have a viable place in the ecosystem and balance the web. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, pick up a book about ecology.

  11. Murder? And just what exactly were you, human, going to do to that baby cow if the coyote hadn’t had it for dinner? Fatten it up and eat it as fast food in your pick up truck with a soda. Maybe you should chose your verbs more carefully. That’s called eating. You eating the cow is called eating. You killing the coyote and enjoying the feel and the bragging of how you did it and what it looks like, that is called murder.

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