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Primos Timberline Elk Call

The Primos Timberline elk call is a well constructed cow call with a classy look. The hardwood barrel gives you pure sounding elk calls, from a lost calf to cow mews. The closed reed style keeps your reed clean and calls quiet for close-in sweet talk. This call is very …

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The Yeti 18 oz Bottle Review

It’s kind of a well known fact around the office and among my friends that I don’t give my hunting gear a life of ease! I have managed to break the seemingly unbreakable and test warranties of equipment for as long as I can remember. Enter the Yeti Rambler series, …

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E-Bikes In The Backcountry

The era of the E-bike is here. Companies are coming out with viable, mountain bikes with electric motors and gearing that is sufficient for mountain trails. Yep, thats right, sufficient for mountains. With the combination of gearing and power, electric bikes are a feasible option for front and backcountry use …

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The SIG SAUER 2400ABS Range Finder

  The days of “range guesstimation” are long over, or in your case they should be. I will admit, being a traditional bowhunter for many years made me resist the idea of rangefinding technology being incorporated into my gear. Boy, was that wrong! In my humble opinion, I since feel …

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