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Easy Digiscoping! Magnetic Mount by MAGVIEW

This review features the MAGVIEW magnetic spotting scope and binocular attachments. Eastmans’ Dan Pickar tests them out on an early season scouting trip for elk. Using your phone’s camera grid makes it simple and quick to attach your phone to snap photos and videos.

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  1. Nice review, Dan. I’ve unsuccessfully tried digiscoping using 2 different holders, including 1 from a well known Arizona company. This looks a lot easier. One of the aspects of the AZ unit I really didn’t care for was it essentially required using 2 different phone cases. Is this magnetic plate really small enough that you can carry your cell in a back pocket every day?

  2. Gerald Brunckhorst

    Thanks a bunch for this review Dan. I enjoy all your reviews and articles, keep up the great work!

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