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Caping Your Bull

Every one of us has watched the videos on how to break down a bull, some using the gutless method others removing the internals and aging the animal. All of these methods have one thing in common, if the animal you harvested is a trophy, you will want to properly remove the cape. In these two videos Dan Pickar breaks down the process used to save your trophy for the wall.

Now that you know how to remove the hide and the face, here are some tips and tricks for removing the skull with just your knife.

This year we are offering the 5 piece Wild Lite set from Outdoor Edge with the purchase of a subscription. This knife set will meet all of the situations you find yourself in from caping, to skull removal and butchering.

Be prepared this fall, with a little luck, hard work and big game hunting knowledge you might just take your best bull this year!

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  1. What is the purpose for removing the jaw? Do you keep it for the taxidermist to use on the mount? I have never taken a trophy and am curious for my first bull. Thanks for the information.

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