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Beyond The Grid: Prairie Dog Extavaganza

Prairie dogs are a real problem for many cattle ranchers across the west and specifically Eastern Montana. When these desert rodents overpopulate, they will overgraze an area and literally eat cattle out of house and home and potentially spread disease such as the bubonic plague. Shooting them is a good defense and Mike and John are ready for the challenge! These two marksmen are custom gun nuts that love reloading and gunsmithing so you know they take their equipment seriously. Their custom .223s are dialed in, mounted on top of Swagger Bipods and ready to send the prairie dogs to an eternal dirt nap! 55 and 60 grain Hornady V-max seem to give the best results for exploding prairie dogs as they grenade on impact and don’t ricochet.

This isn’t your average, every day varmint shoot as some out-of-the-box tactics are used including the drop of a prairie dog nuke using tannerite. That’s right, tannerite was used to create the ultimate prairie dog explosion! These guys know how to have fun and that translates into a very entertaining episode. Beyond the Grid – Prairie Dog Extravaganza presented by Swagger Bipods. Enjoy!


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  1. Campbell A King

    Fun to watch..When in Casper we shot a ton of ’em with our Marlin .17s out to 200 yds..

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