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The Yeti 18 oz Bottle Review

It’s kind of a well known fact around the office and among my friends that I don’t give my hunting gear a life of ease! I have managed to break the seemingly unbreakable and test warranties of equipment for as long as I can remember. Enter the Yeti Rambler series, and the 18 oz. bottle in particular. It’s a double walled 18 oz bottle with a tough as nails lid that I’m pretty sure most of you have ogled at the local sporting goods store. I won’t bore you with specs that you can read on the website or see for yourself as you window shop at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse. Rather, I would like to tell a few stories that I’m sure a few of you may relate to.

Last season I was able to take advantage of a late season mule deer hunt, that timed with a little snow is often the ticket for big mule deer. The 18 oz bottle found it’s way to the bottom of my pack with the prized coffee inside, waiting to be to be broken out at my first glassing point from the snow covered hillside. As luck would have it the better route was still hunting and the coffee never came out but sat inside my pack upside down all day long. After 15 hours in the pack it was still warm for the ride home and was the perfect pick me up after a long day of hunting with elevation gain and loss.

This past waterfowl season, in sub zero weather after all of the big game seasons had closed, the rambler bottle was put to the test when it rolled out of my pack and down a rocky embankment. The loud crash proved to be more noise than damage to my faithful bottle and all of the coffee was preserved. The Yeti even kept it warm all morning to boot.

On the other end of the temperature spectrum, an antelope hunt, the rambler bottle took several dives out of the back of my Yukon onto the hard high desert ground, banging off rocks. The lid withstood the abuse and the bottle walked away with some scratches and that was it. The ice lasted all day long even after several hot hikes circling bucks for better looks at their horns. I was impressed and happy to have the cold water on my hikes away from the truck.

This year as part of the preseason special we are giving away the 18 oz Rambler bottle with a subscription to EHJ or a combination subscription. If this has been a product you have looked at on the shelf now is a great time to renew your subscription and get a bottle that will serve you well for years to come from Yeti.

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