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Vortex’s NEW Rangefinders Review


This review features three new handheld rangefinders by Vortex Optics . Eastmans’ Todd Helms breaks down all the features of the Viper HD, Diamondback HD and Crossfire HD rangefinders. These boast features ranging from Armortech coatings, LOS, HCD and Scan modes, up to 7x magnification and OLED displays. There’s a model for every price point and each one comes backed by Vortex’s famous warranty.

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  1. The review on Vortex rangefinders highlights the impressive features of the Viper HD, Diamondback HD, and Crossfire HD models. With advancements like Armortech coatings, LOS, HCD, and Scan modes, along with up to 7x magnification and OLED displays, these Vortex rangefinders cater to various needs and budgets. The assurance of Vortex’s renowned warranty adds to the appeal, making these rangefinders a reliable choice for users seeking quality and functionality.

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