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Bears vs. Humans: Who’s The Real Problem?

Yes, I’m actually posing that question. Who is the real problem, us or the bears?  The reason I ask this question is due to the ongoing hazing efforts aimed at bear 863 or “Felicia” as her fans call her on Wyoming’s Togwotee Pass section of Highway 26/287. USFWS wildlife officials …

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Just A Matter Of Time: CO Wolf Breeding

“The analysis determined that F1084 had been mislabeled and is in fact a female gray wolf.”  A pair of wolves in Jackson County, Colorado exhibiting signs of denning behavior have thrown CPW biologists for a loop as one of the pair was thought to be male. CPW biologists worked with …

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Colorado Woman Dead After Bear Attack

Unfortunately there’s been a second bear induced fatality already this spring and it WAS NOT a grizzly! Black bear attacks on humans are very rare but a Durango, Colorado woman was indeed preyed upon by a sow black bear and her two yearling cubs. The woman’s body was found by …

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