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Dan Pickar

How To Sight In Your Bow!

Sighting in a bow is a task that every archer has to tackle after paper tuning a bow. For someone who is tackling this task for the first time it can be daunting, especially when bow sights adjustments are exactly opposite of rifle scope adjustments. Join Dan Pickar as he …

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Are You A Lazy Hunter?

By the title of this piece you may assume I’ll be heckling road hunters or maybe perhaps the weekend warriors that like to party and hunt. Or maybe the guys that aren’t in that great of shape because all they do is sit in a treestand. Well you’re wrong on …

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Build A Meat Pole In 10 Minutes!

Ever get an animal on the ground and want to get it cooled as quickly as possible? As you know, the faster you get your meat cooled the better. Hanging it is ideal, especially if it is warm out. Hanging meat in a breeze in shade is very effective for …

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