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Brandon Mason

The Liberty Safe Eva-Dry Dehumidifier

There are very few single items in our homes that protect much of the evidence that we actually exist. Birth certificates, social security cards, payment stubs, bank notes and of course our heirloom firearms, all these end up inside our secure safes. We put these precious documents and family treasures …

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4.0 App From onXmaps

All of the Eastmans’ subscribers, including you if your subscription is current, are not strangers to the information provided in our Members Research Section (MRS). Our staff pours over pages and pages of information (both web pages and hard copy printouts), speaks to state wildlife management departments, speaks to land …

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Tecnu Original Review

For years Tecnu has been making products that keep you safe while outdoors, no matter the activity. Tecnu Original, developed during the Cold War to wipe of radioactive dust from skin has evolved into a multi-use product from everything to poison ivy, oak, and sumac treatment to removing pitch from …

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Colorado Predator Death Spiral…Curbed???

Back in mid December, the Denver Post released an article on Colorado’s Parks & Wildlife Department and their recent decision to study the effects of more aggressive predator control on the population dynamics of ungulates, primarily mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus). As we all know, Colorado has long been known as …

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The Zeiss Conquest HD 15×56 Binoculars

Hunting with ten power binoculars, but want more? A set of Conquest HD 15×56 binos from Zeiss will do the job. Hunter and Eastmans’ Hunting Journals staffer Brandon Mason shares his experience with these optics on an antelope bow hunt in central Wyoming. Press play to see his thoughts on …

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