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Wyoming & Nevada MRS Digital Update!

Need more of the best information on Wyoming and Nevada to help you make your application choices? No problem, Guy Eastman and staffer Scott Reekers have been working hard to update the MRS for each of those states as new and more information has come out, specifically harvest stats for 2018. Nevada information will be live inside the April/May journal on Wednesday April 3rd and Wyoming’s will be updated in the same issue later in the month. Why is that important for you? Making decisions on what units to apply for in any state can be a daunting proposition, that is why EASTMANS gives you as many data points as possible to help with your decision and harvest data is one of the most important.

I for one would want to know what the harvest was for 2018 before applying for Wyoming pronghorn or Nevada elk so I could base my decision on where the highest likelihood of success lies, not sure I’d waste my time applying for a unit or area where the harvest success for 2018 took a massive nose dive… information is a large key to success out West and nobody gives you better information than EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNALS.

This updated and expanded material is only available in the digital version of EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNALS. If you don’t have a digital subscription you can get one here https://www.eastmans.com/hunting-journal

The digital editions of the Journals not only offer you expanded MRS content but they bring it to you in a fully portable and customizable format. Are the tables, charts and maps a little tough to read? No problem, with the digital edition you can make them as large as you like. Away from your print magazine and need to make a decision on applying for Wyoming deer? Pull up your digital edition to remind yourself what Guy had to say about the unit you’re interested in. It’s an exciting time to be a consumer of print and digital media as it’s truly a best of both worlds scenario.


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