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Western Wolves Back On ESA?

“On Monday, the agency officials sent out a letter announcing their intent to initiate a 12-month status review to determine whether a distinct population segment of the gray wolf in the northern Rocky Mountains or in the western United States should be included on the endangered species list.”


So let me get this straight… USFWS is “reviewing a distinct population segment of the gray wolf for possible re-listing on the Endangered Species List but use the exact opposite argument for keeping grizzlies on the ESA? If they can “review”, read re-list, specific population segments of gray wolves, why can they not de-list specific population segments of fully recovered grizzly bears? 

You there, peasant. Move that goal post seven yards to the right! 

I’m not sure who is more frustrated with USFWS at this point, residents of states impacted by burgeoning wolf and grizzly numbers or the state game managers who are consistently hamstrung by the lack of science based wildlife management oozing out of Washington DC. I can only imagine how the embattled ranchers around Walden, Colorado feel right now as they watch their livelihood being terrorized and torn apart by precious gray wolves.

If I seem upset about this “review” you’re reading me correctly. Wyoming, Idaho and Montana have proven that they can manage wolves within the parameters of the federal decrees handed down to them. Wyoming has managed its wolves especially well, maintaining over the 300 wolves required by the Feds, displaying a serious commitment to the “long term viability” of wolves in the Cowboy State. 

Make no mistake, this is a play made by anti-hunters. We’ve seen just how rabidly determined they are to “protect” all predators in recent weeks. The sportsmen and women of Washington state are fighting desperately to keep predator hunting seasons open, Colorado just defeated an anti-hunting push to outlaw hunting and trapping bobcats and cougars and there’s a rash of emotionally driven, anti-scientific legislation across the country aimed at stripping those who know best of the ability to manage the predators within their own borders. 

We as sportsmen and women cannot fall asleep at the wheel in this fight. The antis have invaded all levels of wildlife management and are working from within as well as without to push their anti-North American Model of Wildlife Conservation rhetoric and agenda. We must take a stand for the wildlife we cherish and fight them fang and claw or we will lose all we hold dear. 

Rant over!


Read more on wolf re-listing here


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  1. Orion-Cazadores

    Send your kids to college, have them spend 5-6 years around the 99% “liberal never had a job in their life Professors”, along with all the “silver spoon in their mouth”, college kids, coupled with nearly Every single area surrounding nearly every college is an ultra liberal and out of touch community.

    Then your kid along with the others finish their 4-6 years of mental and social programming and go to work for Federal or State agencies surrounded by all the other programmed colleagues that were ahead of them. Walla, you get the results. These people are created by the system. To save from being “absolute” not all but suffice to say majority, gross majority, 90% percentile.

    Then these Clueless out of touch persons become Administrators, Managers and Staff driving a mixed up convoluted catered agenda. Its pervasive across the spectrum of US and State Govt.

    Change the rules for everything when you don’t like it. Hey I have an idea put another 5-6 persons on the Supreme Court, I know I’m crazy to suggest it since I obviously came up with idea but it could result in helping me push my agenda?

    Insanity has run amuck with no sight of slowing down, ever ! The hits will keep coming at a frenetic pace, hold on its about to real ugly !

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