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Washington State Spring Bear Final Update

This past weekend the Commission that is responsible for approving all hunting seasons in Washington voted 5-4 in favor of NOT having a spring bear season this year.  This is despite the WDFW’s own scientists backing the hunt.  This decision (and the reasons behind it) have significant ramifications for hunting in this state which I will outline below.      

After much pressure from sportsmen, in late January, the Wildlife Commission opened up a public comment period to consider a spring bear hunt again in 2022.  The spring bear hunt generated intense national interest from both pro and anti-hunting groups.   There were plenty of well-thought-out comments and sportsmen rose up to make their voices heard.  In the end, it did not matter as it was obvious to anyone watching that certain commissioners had already made up their mind what way they were going to vote.  They did not take the recommendations of the scientists from their own state who once again provided evidence that the hunt was necessary and did not negatively impact the species.  One of the new commissioners admitted during the meeting that they did not even know there was a spring turkey hunt in the state!       

The loss of this controversial season was a critical one for many reasons.  The first is that the standing commission decided to make a policy change (voted against the hunt due to ethically not agreeing with it as opposed to the issue at hand which was season dates).  The second is it showed that the Commission is made up of individuals who do not see the benefits of hunting as a game population management tool and are more focused on a preservation approach.  

What’s next you ask?  The Commission has asked the department to provide more detail, more science beginning in June 2022 to prove that the spring bear hunt is sustainable and will not hurt the bear population(even though we have 48 years of data).  Is it likely that the 5 commissioners who voted against the hunt are really interested in seeing more science?  Hardly, most of them come from strong anti-hunting organizations.  Some of the commissioners at the meeting were asking why we have tags for goat, sheep, and whitetail deer when those herds are suffering.  The commission will meet again in mid-April to approve the Fall hunts. I would not be surprised if some of our OIL tags are canceled in the name of “conservation”.  If not this year, then certainly in future years.  Here in Washington, our hunting is under attack in a way we have not seen before and the outcome is uncertain at best. 


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  1. Bunny Huggers sway the commission, they ignore the biologists and the facts. Expect a complete ban on spring bear soon.

  2. The Commission has already decided to end elk hunting in our area because they feel feeding the predators is more important. POS governor Gay Inslee hand picked these idiots to ruin the eco with their emotions and feelings. You watch their meeting online and you can see their feelings oozing out with their comments. They were so happy to receive all comments from conservationists but in the end they said we have the power and you mean nothing. Yes that is what the t$$t said. This state will be the first to ban all ungulate hunting. All you other states better know who is against you, or you too will lose your rights to hunt ungulates.

    • You are 110% correct- hunting is going away one cut at a time. As long as dipshits continue to elect commies, this is the future!

    • Matt Binsfield

      Sad when the government rewards evil and attacks good. This is a government that should be stripped of its sovereignty over all.

  3. Orion- Cazadores

    Legislation that eliminates these clowns from being able to make these decisions must take place.
    How many hunters or hunting organizations are pushing for rights ? Near zero.

    Sportsmen and Sportswomen pay for wildlife management but get reduced return on investment!!

    These elected clowns have proven they cannot provide decisions that benefit the health and vitality of the greater wildlife ecosystem. Now their ability must be removed Thru action from hunting citizens. The decisions must only come paid wildlife experts.

    Take the ability out of their hands since it’s proven unethical and disregarded factual wildlife science. Someone recently got the entire country going off on a tangent with “follow the science” with non science facts. Wildlife science provides hard tangible science and facts.

    It’s as insane as having sexual predators decide a criminal case against another sex predator.

  4. Use the greeny’s tactics. Sue the commission to override their vote. We have ALL of the science on our side. Yes, it will be uphill finding impartial judges but just keep suing up the food chain. Otherwise, hunting & REAL conservation is over!

    • Unfortunately all judges in the state are bought by the left. They all cower to the AG and governor who are dictators destroying the eco. State wdfw also have bowed down. They should boycott the decisions that the Commission takes when they fail to follow science or quit. The fight needs to be from wdfw biologists, enforcement officers then the conservationists. If our tags and license fees pay the commissioners salaries then that must end immediately. The commissioner’s must be conservationists not liberal feeling fags that have never been in the woods. Gay Inslee has destroyed the state with his appointment of fags, lesbians and transgenderism weirdos.

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