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Utah Proposes License Fee Increase Due To Inflation

Utah has proposed an increase in their license fees across the board for residents and non-residents due to inflation. The DWR is currently 92% self-funded and since prices have increased dramatically for fuel, materials, goods and services the department has no choice but to raise prices. The proposed cost hike will be roughly 10% for licenses across the board except for youth and disabled veterans. 

DWR has also analyzed the market price for neighboring states and will adjust prices to be more comparable to other Western states based on a “right sized fee” aligned to the demand and type of permit. There’s a good chance those licenses that are already high, like moose, sheep, bison, and goat, will see major spikes for non-residents as they are the most in demand and highly valued, where-as a swan or sandhill crane tag will align to cost the same as a neighboring state’ turkey license. DWR has also noted there hasn’t been a significant price increase in licenses across the board since 2020. Price changes will go into effect July 1, 2023 if this proposal is passed.

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  1. John W. Mallow

    Even Though I Don’t Reside In Utah, Nor Do I Hunt Or Fish In Utah, I Reside Very Near The Utah Border In Western , Colorado. I Believe That This Is Total BS, That The Corrupt Biden Administration And China Joe Biden, Because Of His Incompetent Policies Have Had States Raise There Hunting And Fishing Fees Rates Because Of His Total Idiocy On Running Our Country !

    • Really, this is Biden’s fault too? I don’t dig the guy either, but come on. Stop. Please. Just stop.

  2. once again another example of pricing out the average hunter, did the majority of our wages go up to offset inflation? NOPE!!! More tags for the wealthy, hail to the king!!

  3. Sounds like Idaho. Been paying ~$625 to bow hunt Elk. Went clear to $960 in one year. It’s ridiculous. They know they got you. When it’s your passion and you can’t hunt these animals in your own state your going to pay it if you can at all.

  4. Brett Woolworth

    I have hunted and fish my entire life in state and out of state. Over 62 yrs I have seen states take such a gross advantage of the non resident hunter it is ridiculous! All of my hunting pals and I have forfeited our preference points in all the states except the one we live in. When other people wake up and finally boycott these expensive states MAYBE it will drive their prices down to a manageable level! It’s really sad that hunting has come to this!

    • I have also forfeited my preference points for the same reasons. At some point i believe it will cost them in the long run due to our future hunters are not going to deal with the outrageous fees.

  5. Kelley mccauley

    I’ve been applying for a non res premium deer for 24yrs. I just hope I draw this next year!! Political BS has nothing to do with the increase. NM non res sheep is over $3500.00. Western states are looking for easy dollar..

  6. Very interesting. I do NOT remember Utah DECREASING prices under the great economies of Trump or Reagan. Funny how that happens.

  7. Payroll is their biggest expense and that has not gone up anywhere near 10%. This is just another example of taking advantage of the current situation. Regarding the statement that there has not been a significant increase since 2020, that is only 2 years. Do they think they should have a significant increase every year? This is just abusive particularly to non-resident hunters. The state may own the game but the vast majority of that game lives on property owned by all of us. Perhaps the residents should be charged outrageous fees to use our land to hunt. Only when resident hunters suffer the same costs as non-residents or the state wildlife agencies suffer decreased revenues, such as through a boycott, will this change. Until then it will continue to result in higher fees and lesser tags.

  8. The outrageous prices for non-resident license is why I’ve never considered applying. Not to mention a draw system that is such a lengthy process in hopes of getting. I would love to hunt in the west, but certainly have no disposable income to just let hang in the balance. It will just be an unfulfilled dream, nothing more. I live in the Midwest to which everything is over the counter, but pricing for our license have gone up about 33% this year. I am a legal and ethical hunter, but come on! Enough is enough with the price gouging.

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