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Time for Bear-1st Hunt of 2011.

The “Crew” with Nate’s big British Columbia spring bear (2010). Hoping for a repeat!!!

For those of us who DON’T turkey hunt, a good spring bear hunt is about as good as it gets to get the cabin fever and the dust knocked off the old bow or rifle. Although, I do have to say I’m just going to miss all those turkey pics on Facebook each weekend…well not really. Anyhow, Nate and I are headed out to Western Oregon where yours truly was lucky enough to draw a spring bear tag after only six years of applying, yes I have terrible luck. We are looking forward using this hunt to test some new gear, a new camera and get some good shots for some upcoming DVD and promotional projects we have simmering on the stove back at the office in Wyoming. This hunt is going to be a spot and stalk endeavor for big bruins in some very steep and nasty country, Public Land/DIY just the type of hunt I look forward to most. Who knows, we might even take the bow along just in case a cagey old bear lets his guard down a little too much. Can’t wait, got a lot of gear to find and very long drive ahead of us on Friday, but given a little luck it might just be well worth it. Who knows, we might even drop a turkey or two, but don’t tell anyone.

Headed for camp!

Guy Eastman

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  1. You should be OK on the Western side of oregon. My Tag is in the north Central… So your snow level should be OK…Good Luck and I hope you get some good footage!!

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