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Someone Stole Your Elk!

The definition of poaching is to illegally hunt or catch (game or fish) on land that is not one’s own or in contravention of official protection. Another definition is to steal a public resource. 

Well, someone in Montana stole an elk from all of us and we all need to get the word out so this poacher can be caught and brought to justice!

According to Q2 News out of Billings, “Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is offering a reward of as much as $1,000 for information about a large, mature bull elk that was shot illegally Sunday night along Sarpy Basin Road east of Hardin and left to waste.

“Anyone who reports information that leads to a conviction in the case is eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 by calling Ladd at 406-860-7808 or anonymously to FWP’s 24-hour crime-reporting line at 1-800-TIP-MONT (800-847-6668).”

But don’t just do it for the reward money. This poacher stole an elk from us, the public. Wildlife in America is a public resource and someone just robbed our bank!

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  1. Randolph Holford

    Wish I could help! I would gladly turn them in and donate the reward to RMEF

  2. Some *sshole recently shot 2 bull elk in Custer County, S. Dakota and also left them to lie. Completely wasted, wanton disregard for life and lawful behavior. These folks are not hunters, they are low-life criminals. Someone must know who did both of these low-life acts. Turn them in.

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