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OCD Packing- The Ounce Counting Document


If you have spent any amount of time reading either Eastmans’ Hunting or Bowhunting Journals, I am sure you are aware that we get a kick out of our time in the backcountry. When we have tags in our pockets for a backcountry hunt we start thinking and working on our gear lists and how to lighten the load. Several years ago, Guy wrote an article that still is a favorite among our audience readers where he covered what was in his pack. In the August/September issue of EHJ, Brandon Mason built an even more detailed list and we thought it would be great if we had a way to give it to all of you. Allowing you to cut your pack weight down for the upcoming hunting season.

Well, here it is. Click on the picture below and you will be able to download your own O.C.D. (Ounce Counting Document).

newsletter ODC 8 17

Let us start your weight loss program with an offer from Eastmans’ and Outdoor Edge. This year we are offering the lightest replaceable blade knife that Outdoor Edge has to offer in our annual Eastmans’ Preseason Special. It is called the Onyx EDC and is a great tool for quartering, skinning and well, just about anything a hunter could use it for. Ounces are pounds and pounds are pain when it comes to backcountry hunting. If this knife can shave off a few ounces from your pack, it will be the beginning of pain lost. Hopefully with this knife and the O.C.D. you will be able to cut weight, have a comfortable hunt and be able to send us your success pictures this fall!

Good luck out there!


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  1. Not sure if something is wrong but I just get a blank chart with 5 categories but no items listed? Was this the intent?

  2. That makes a really light pack, if you follow the list…

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