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#myhuntstory -Your Stories. Your Photos. Your Magazine

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I was recently looking back at some old episodes of Eastmans’ Hunting TV that we are looking at sharing on our YouTube channel and I was reminded of something that is still true today. Your Stories. Your Photos. Your Magazine… is a part of the show opening and will always be a pillar of the content we present in the journals.

What has changed since we aired that episode is how much more hunters are communicating with each other, probably more than ever. Social media has made it easy for hunters to come home and share their stories with friends and family quickly. We share your success pictures here and the best part has been that we have been able to share pictures of bucks that weren’t a part of the magazine with those who follow us on Instagram.

This spring, summer and fall we want to take this one step further. We want to see your pictures on Instagram and we want to share them with the Eastmans’ community. Post your success photo with the #myhuntstory and tag us in it. Every week, Ike, Mike, or myself will look at the pictures and pick our favorite. That successful hunter will receive a DM asking for their address so we can send them the latest EHJ or EBJ hat and maybe even some more Eastmans’ gear on occasion.

Looking forward to seeing your stories and good luck in the draws. We can’t wait to see what all of you put on the ground!

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Following in the footsteps of his father, Guy has taken up the reins and is now at the helm of the Eastmans’ Hunting Journal and the Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal. A fine hunter in his own right, Guy has taken several trophy animals and has become an expert in trophy hunting as well.

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