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The New Eastmans’ Elevated Podcast!


The campfire has drawn man since the dawn of time. Warmth, light and a means to cook food have made it one of the things we consider necessary to survive. All of those things require time spent around the fire’s red glow and in turn the fire turned into a point of communication and where stories of the hunt have been told. From the tall tales of the ones that got away to the adventure of scaring off grizzly bears, the fireside pit has heard them all.

And the same desire to talk around the fire about hunting, that has transcended the millennia, is what has drawn us to work with Brian Barney on the Eastmans’ Elevated podcast. This relatively new resource for communicating with other hunters really isn’t much different than sitting around the fire with all of you.

Brian is going to be covering tactics for all hunters and bringing in guests whose experience will help you grow and be more successful as a hunter. Some of those guests will be from our staff, others will be from various parts of the hunting world, people who will entertain and help you hone your skills. Other guests might just include you, the subscriber who sends in a story. Every magazine is full of stories from hunters celebrating success and our hope is that many of you will be able to share your success on the podcast.

We will also be covering gear that every one of us wants first hand performance accounts of and we won’t cover pieces that wouldn’t come on a hunt with us. The campfire was likely the first point of self-evaluation for the earliest hunters and we hope this podcast will help you build efficient gear systems that work for your style of hunting and keep you comfortable in the field.

Without ado, click on the link below and take a listen to the newest episode where Brian came to our home office and recorded with Guy and Ike. We think you will enjoy the content, get a chuckle out of it and likely learn a thing or two.

-Scott Reekers

P.S. Make sure that you add the podcast to your download list. It can be found on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, and Podbean.


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