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Montana Public Land Mule Deer And Elk Hunt- Beyond The Grid TV

Rifle hunting on the public lands of Montana, the bread and butter of Eastmans’ Beyond the Grid TV. Hunters John Pickar and Todd Fedor head out to Eastern Montana to hunt mule deer and elk on your public lands. Anyone that has hunted with their dad will find this episode right up your alley. Leave us a comment if you have great memories hunting with your dad!

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  1. We must be vigilant regarding Public Lands. The Pols would like to sell them off to generate revenue to be spent on other government projects. We hunters, if they do that, will be left out in the cold. I, for one, am tired of seeing No Hunting/Trespassing signs every where I go. In my old stomping grounds [southeastern Idaho] you can’t go anywhere that’s not posted anymore. It’s a travesty.

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